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8 Microphone Piano Sample Library

Production Grand is an exceptionally high-quality piano sample library for NI Kontakt 4.2 and above, consisting of eight microphone perspectives and over 120,000 samples of a Yamaha C7 grand piano recorded in a world-class recording studio. The library is 437.5 GB in size before lossless compression!

Production Grand is ideal for Studio Production, Stage Production, Film Score Production, Performance and more!

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The samples are among the cleanest piano samples I have ever heard and certainly the best I’ve ever used. The ability to change instantly the feel of the room and mic positions is like a dream. I have just been sitting here with my headphones on feeling like I am sitting at a grand piano.

Tyler Done, Song Writer, Production Grand User

  I am so impressed by the sound of the 24-bit version of Production Grand. All in all, a fantastic product! I knew how good Production Grand was just from the 16-bit download but of course the 24-bit is yet another level of realism.

Bliss Payne, Production Grand User

Production Grand is a refreshing, instantly playable (and enjoyable!) piano. I’m thrilled at how well it compliments my electronic-orchestral sound pallete.

Neil Parfitt, Composer, Production Grand User

This gives you the feeling of a delicate, yet strong, but luxurious instrument. Slightly different to anything I’d played before. Quite a treat.  It’s just lovely.

Gustavo USA, Production Grand Gold User

I am obsessed with virtual pianos and I’ve tried all of them. The detail in the Production Voices Pianos makes them special. The pedal up and pedal down samples and the velocity layers not to mention the recording quality, really make it feel like the real thing.

Dan Brodbeck, Producer, Production Grand User

You made a amazing product. It beats ivory in my choice of piano. Great characteristic and clear highend overtone. I really like the vintage patch. It sounds fantastic.

Shin Kim, Film Composer, Production Grand User

Production Grand Variations

Production Grand
(Full Edition)


USB 3.0 Hard Drive or Download
  • 437 GB
  • Compressed to 207 GB
  • 8 Microphone Perspectives
  • 24 96k, 44.1k, 16 44.1k
  • Single and Multi Mic Presets
  • Best for Album Production, Film work, Broadcast Productions
  • Requires full version of Kontakt 4.2 or 5 (not Included)

Production Grand


Digital Download
  • 114 GB
  • Compressed to ~57 GB
  • 8 Microphone Perspectives
  • 24 Bit 44.1kHz Samples
  • Only Multi Microphone Presets
  • Best for Album Production, Live Performance
  • Requires full version of Kontakt 4.2 or 5 (not Included)

Production Grand


Digital Download
  • 77 GB
  • Compressed to 26 GB
  • 8 Microphone Perspectives
  • 16 Bit 44.1kHz Samples
  • Only Multi Microphone Presets
  • Best for Live Performance, Sequencing
  • Requires full version of Kontakt 4.2 or 5 (not Included)

Production Grand Modern Four


Digital Download
  • 41 GB
  • Compressed to 14 GB
  • 4 Microphone Perspectives
  • 16 Bit 44.1kHz Samples
  • Only Multi Microphone Presets
  • Best for Live Performance, Sequencing
  • Requires full version of Kontakt 4.2 or 5 (not Included)

Production Grand Full Edition

Full Sample Set

Production Grand is a massive 430+ GB piano sample library

Production Grand Gold

24 BIT 44.1kHz Samples

Production Grand Gold is the 24 BIT 44.1kHz sample version of Production Grand.

Production Grand LE

16 BIT 44.1kHz

Production Grand LE is the 16 BIT 44.1kHz sample version of Production Grand.

Best Equipment

In sampling Production Grand, we used only the best recording facilities and equipment we could find including:

User Interface

Full Audio Mixer
On/Off Microphone Perspective controls
Selectable mixer functionality: Allows for automatic channel muting when volume is set to zero.

8 Microphone Perspectives

1. Player’s Perspective: Player’s perspective that is near binaural. When you put on your headphones with this perspective, it will sound like you are there playing the piano!  (more…)

Smooth Velocity Layers

Production Grand was recorded with 16 velocity layers, but the size was just too unmanageable! We chose the best 12 velocity layers for the final product  (more…)

Production Grand Laptop Live Performance
Production Grand LE
Production Grand Gold
Production Grand
Production Grand Sound Quality
Production Grand -- 24 BIT 96kHz samples
Production Grand Gold -- 24 BIT 44.1kHz samples
Production Grand LE -- 16 BIT 44.1kHz samples


1.System Requirements

Requires the full version of NI Kontakt 4.2 or Kontakt 5 or greater (not included).
A computer that meets the minimum Kontakt requirements.

Production Grand:
80 GB of free hard drive space for minimum installation.
210 GB for full install. (Note: files are compressed from 437.5 GB using Kontakt’s lossless compression format.)

Production Grand Gold:
60 GB free hard drive space.

Production Grand LE:
26 GB free hard drive space.

Solid State Drive or Raid Drive recommended for more than 2 microphone perspectives at one time.

Note: Compatible with the full version of Kontakt 4 or Kontakt 5 only. Not for use with Kontakt Player.

2.What is the difference between Production Grand, Gold and LE

All versions of Production Grand function identically (interface and controls).

The two main differences are:
1. Delivery format: Hard Drive or Download
2. Sample and Bit Rate

Production Grand contains all sample rate options: 24 bit 44.1 kHz, 24 bit 96 kHz and 16 bit 44.1 kHz and also contains single microphone perspective presets. Production Grand is delivered on USB 3.0 hard drive with a courtesy download of the Modern Silver Edition to get users started before the hard drive arrives.

Production Grand Gold has 24 bit 44.1 kHz samples delivered by download.

Production Grand LE has 16 bit 44.1 kHz samples delivered by download.

3.How does purchasing work

Once you check out and pay with Paypal, an email receipt will be issued with your download codes.

The downloads could either be ZIP or StuffIt Files. We are moving towards ZIP for all downloads soon.

Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with your registered (personalized and serialized) nki Kontakt files to go with your downloads.

If you ordered Production Grand, your hard drive will ship the next business day depending on availability.

4.Can I get a discount

We only provide discounts via our periodic sales.

Educational institutions can contact us for rates.

5.Why are you priced higher than Brand X sample library

We believe Production Grand to be one of the best values in piano sample libraries on the market!

Production Grand is a premium piano sample library.

Where else will you find an 8 microphone perspective 96 kHz piano sample library that was recorded in a world-class facility with top-notch microphones and preamps!

Production Voices also has other multi-microphone piano sample libraries for Kontakt at other price points.

6.Can I use Production Grand with a Laptop for live performance


Production Grand LE is the best version of Production Grand to use live with a laptop, but Production Grand and Production Grand Gold will work if you only want one microphone perspective or have a solid state drive installed or plugged into your laptop with either a USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt connection.

Production Grand is also very scalable from 13GB or less to 207 GB depending on the installation. If you use only one microphone perspective, like the Modern Hammer, then it can be installed on your laptop saving plenty of space! (Full version of Production Grand only.)

7.Why would I ever need 8 microphone perspectives

Good Question!

The easiest answer is flexibility.

With eight microphone perspectives you can dial in the perfect piano tone for your use.

If, for example, you are playing a hard rock or pop song, the hammer mics will give you great attack and presence.

If you are playing Jazz, the tube microphones or ribbon room mics on their own or combined might just be the perfect sound for your project!

For those creative players, sound designers and engineers, Production Grand can morph tones in realtime depending on the microphone perspective volume levels. You could change the sound in the chorus to have more attack by increasing the hammer microphone volume! There are plenty of creative options with Production Grand!

8.What is the latest version of Production Grand?

The latest version of Production Grand is v.1.1.16. All registered users can obtain the latest presets by using the contact form to request a download link.

Version History:

Version 1.1.16
– Ribbon mic panning 37L and release volume reduction (user request)

Version 1.1.15 Low Velocity Mechanical Noise workaround (Available by request)
March 9, 2014: These presets reduce the amount of mechanical noise on pedal down samples from F5 and above at the four lowest velocities. These samples where replaced with pedal up samples.

These presets were made at the request of users!

These presets are all generated from the v1_1_14 presets.

When to use these presets:

Use the v1_1_15 presets if you find the version 1_1_14 or other regular version of Production Grand presets to have too much mechanical noise in the high end pedal down samples at lower velocities (F5 and above with the sustain pedal down). The tradeoff is that the lowest four velocities are replaced with pedal up samples even when the pedal is down.

Version 1.1.14
– Vintage PZM noise fix.

Version 1.1.13
– Pre-Attack now buffered to respond correctly, but is no longer playable live (180ms latency).
– Sostenuto Added
– Soft Pedal Added
– Velocity mapping corrected.
– Switch added to fix C#4 mechanical noise.
– “Double triggered” notes A5, A#5 and B5 with pedal down samples tamed (additional updates required for complete fix).
– Authentic Pedalling adjusted to respond to all playing styles more evenly. Controls are listed in the manual.
– Keyup mechanical noises volumes adjusted resulting in more authentic sound.
– Pedal noises volumes adjusted over each microphone perspective.
– Velocity mapping curves updated and respond correctly (Inverse in version 1.0).

Considerations for future releases:

9.Installation Issues

Issues extracting a ZIP file with Windows – Make sure you are extracting to a NTFS formatted drive, not a FAT32 drive.

Corrupt Download Files – Only download three or less files at a time. Email us if you need new download codes.

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